Simplify and Regulate your Cloud Deployments.

Navigate Clouds with Confidence. Archie, Cloudbuddies Self-Service Platform helps your business to regain Control on your Cloud journey.

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Not Your Traditional CI/CD

Replace Dozens of Tools and Methodologies. Save Time, Efforts and Money. Manage your entire Deployment Process, from Anywhere, with One Simple Platform.


Intuitive & User Friendly

Skip the line, avoid the learning curve, forget overcomplicated Cloud Provider console and coding langagues.


Main Cloud Providers

Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes and MultiCloud, all in one place.


Template Marketplace

Ready to use Well Architected Templates and Modules. Don't let your team waste precious time reinventing the wheel.


Predefined/Customisable Ready to Use

One Click Deployments, based on recommended settings validated by our Cloud Experts.


Regulated & Controlled Deployments

Your Cloud, your Rules. Ensure your teams only deploys what you allow them to.


Serverless, Saas or Dedicated

Benefit Cloudbuddies wide range of templates or create/request your own ones for your dedicated platform.

Simplify DeliveryReduce Errors

Onboard your Teams faster. Make use of Archie's preconfigured building blocks, accessible from a single and simple Web Interface. No software installation required.

Template Marketplace

Ready to use, Well Architected templates for Production and Non Production.

Mitigate Errors At the Source

Cloud Provider Best Practices enforced.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Security and Governance as a priority.

Set Delegation and Validation Controls

Track and Report Every actions.

Deploy Everything, Everywhere

Archis is prepared to support the Major Cloud Providers and offers a Complete set of Templates, covering most of the use cases.

Landing Zones

Green Field environments to efficiently start your Cloud journey.

Accounts, Projects, Subscriptions

Streamlined, Automatically Delivered with Best practices included.

Individual Resources

Single preconfigured building blocks to deploy fully customisable Stacks.

Application Stacks

Collection of Resources, integrated together to serve specific Application use case.

Provision and Destroy Resources with Ease

One Click deployments, providing simple and efficient deployments. Simply provide your values and let Archie handle the Deployment process.

Takes care of dependencies

Our Templates are providing everything needed to be fully funcional.

Adapts to existing environment

Creates new resources when need or use your existing ones.

Predefined or Custom Settings

Worry free predefined Deployments or Fully Customisbale.

Deployment History and Inventory

Deployment Logs and Smart Outputs, Regulated Deprovisioning


The Unique Source of Truth for All your Deployments

Ensure Infrastructures are designed and deployed the way you need, enforcing Reliability, Security, Performance Efficiency, Cost Optimisation and Operational Excellence.


Frequently AskedQuestions

Our experience migrating big enterprises to the Cloud made us see that some processes can be improved. We wanted to give our customer a way to shortcut the transition. Two skills are necessary for a successfull Cloud transition, Architecting and DevOps.We thought they could be combined in an online solution and here came the idea of Archie.


We are ready to help

Speed up your Cloud adoption journey. Start and grow efficiently, reduce errors and improve global compliance and security. Avoid common mistakes and stop looking for unicorns.


Client’s Testimonials

Carlos Araujo

Cost Optimisation

Our company is small, we cannot afford Cloud experts. Offloading all the deployments to Archie saved us time and money. Our existing IT team is more confident in delivering Cloud infrastrucutures as they are assured they respect best practices.

Ismael Jimenez

Learning Curve

Being a Cloud Architect involves more and more infrastructure as code. Unfortunately thats not my thing. Having Archie handling the code piece for me, is great. I save time and effort and can focus more on my customer needs.

Gary Nere

Ready to Use and Easy to Deploy

We wanted to introduce a similar concept for our infrastructure delivery team, unfortunately we couldn't achieve it. Cloudbuddies self service portal is a game changer for us and our clients. Thanks to Archie we can deliver our clients infrastructures faster.

David Capolungo

Founter @democompany

Archie is a game chnager, made us save a lot of onboarding time. We got rid of a lot fo duplicate tools. We love the fact that we can delegate Deployments to everyone and be sure they are following our rules and principles.


Simple Pricing


$50 /month

Saas Basic

Self-service portal access

  • Basic Resources
  • Basic Application Stacks
  • Cloudbuddies Managed
  • Best effort Support
Best price

$99 /month

Saas Premium

Saas Basic and Premium features

  • Saas Basic
  • Accounts/Projects/Subscriptions
  • Premium Resources
  • Premium Application Stacks
  • Landing Zones
  • MultiCloud Stacks
  • Template Request

$ /month


Your very own Archie

  • Saas Premium
  • Dedicated Code Repository
  • Training & Hosting
  • Branding
  • Self Managed & Dedicated Support
  • Dedicated Support

Let us take care of your infrastructures provisioning!

Our team of experts are continuosly improving and adding new templates. In the case you dont find what are you looking for reach out us and we take care of your request